Signs that you are in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (three years later)

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My initial observation about Waterloo, Ontario generated much more responses than I anticipated. The responses were not only in the comments, but links from other sites including a non-geek news bulletin in U of Waterloo. I still work and live in Waterloo. Here’s another highlight of items I’ve discovered here:

1. We read xkcd
I’ve spotted people proudly wearing xkcd t-shirts in Waterloo. Absolutely awesome! Thanks for reinforcing that compiling is a legitimate reason to slack off.

2. Thou shalt have a password for thy wireless network
Not a single wireless network in my apartment building can be access without a password! I can find unsecured, broadcast wireless network in my sister’s neighbourhood easily. (Small print: Although modes of security can be hacked, having a password prevents instant access of your network.)

3. Free software inside
Saw a laptop in a coffee shop that had a FSF sticker. Advocacy for free software. Enough said.

P.S. I saw Behdad in Waterloo. Behdad is everywhere, including Waterloo.

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August 24, 2010 at 10:40 pm

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Signs that you are in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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I learned that the GNOME community have had endless fun in Birmingham, UK. :) It is too bad that I missed all the fun.

Two weeks ago, I accepted a 3-month contract position at Maplesoft, the maker of the Maple computer algebra system. I have relocated to Waterloo, Ontario in a hurry and have started working last week.

Waterloo, Ontario has a high concentration of high-tech companies. It is not too difficult to notice some people in the city have a high-tech “flair” in them.

3. Young people talking into their Blackberries.

Ah. Some employees from RIM have a Blackberry as part of the compensation package. A person who usually takes the same bus as I do told me that she works at RIM as a technical writer and has a brand-new Blackberry for her own use.

2. Notable computer scientists would drop by.

I received an announcement from the company’s mailing list on the upcoming talk by Bjarne Stroustrup at the University of Waterloo. Too bad that I was busy in house-hunting and missed his talk last Tuesday evening.

1. Beware! Your neighbours shalt defend themselves by category theory.

My parents and I had supper in a local real Chinese restaurant (i.e. no chicken balls). Two people who sat behind us had an in-depth discussion on category theory. How often can you hear your neighbours to talk about math at this level? It was my first day in Waterloo.

P.S. I would like to thank all of you who helped in my job search. Special thanks go to Jody Goldberg and Dave Neary. In the meanwhile, I am still searching for a permanent position.

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July 20, 2007 at 11:36 pm

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